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[UAH] The Next International Criminals!?!

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If you have some time, check my debate this evening on Radio France International, Swahili from 18:00-18:45.

The program is called "Makala Ya Afrika Mashariki", hosted by Julian Rubavu from RFI Dare-salaam and broadcast to the whole of East Africa in Swahili of course.

Focus is on the conflicts in the Great Lakes region, particularly;

- The situation in Uganda today

- And my take on the conflict in DR Congo.

The program will also be available via podcast starting this evening on RFI Swahili

Below are some of my thoughts that are also available (on a lighter note) on my blog.


Hussein J. L. A


Title: The Next International Criminals

With preparations under way by rebel groups to fight the new UN Intervention Brigade in DR Congo, a big catch-22 situation against them is on the horizon and less visible than explained

It only requires one Peace-Keeper to be killed by e rebel group for that group to be branded International Criminals.

Killing a Peace-Keeper is a War Crime.

Rather than prepare for war, M23 and other rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo could visit the nearest MONUSCO office (the UN Peace-Keeping Force for DR Congo) and initiate some sort of civil talks that would involve some recognition for them as partners for peace.

Otherwise they could find themselves on the run for the rest of their lives Kony-style.

Since the M23 grievances were initially administrative, a demobilization process under the auspices of the United Nations will be morally more profitable for individual soldiers and their commanders.

But they need to think about such proposals fast before the full deployment of the UN Intervention Brigade. Especially before the first shot is fired.

This should be better than getting into another war where they surely will be internationally cursed and many more lives lost including some of their own.

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