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{UAH} Uganda is a conquered country where anything can happen

The problem with many of us Ugandans is that we don't want to accept reality. Some prefer to remain ignorant because they can't swallow the bitter truth. Some would like to blame someone else to please the present master. That is why they continue to blame Obote for all the wrongs in Uganda since independence. Some hide behind culture when they can't explain what has hit them.

The truth of the matter is that Tutsi believe that Uganda is a conquered country. Museveni and his Tutsi mercenaries fought a five year guerrilla war and defeated a national army. Therefore Uganda is a conquered country. Accordingly conquered people's inalienable rights and freedoms (God-given) were taken away and can only receive privileges that the conqueror dishes out. For example, that is why Museveni has refused to provide school lunch to primary school children because under Museveni regime Uganda children do not have a right to school lunch.   

Museveni therefore believes he has a right to do what he wants. He does not have to consult or negotiate with anybody. He installed the Kabaka against the wishes of many when he felt he needed Baganda to vote for him but the Kabaka has been a prisoner since then. Museveni makes appointments in every institution and has agents in every place including in every place at Mengo.

The sudden rise of David Wassajja (whose mother is believed to be a Tutsi we are told subject to confirmation) soon after he married a Tutsi woman (according to the information we have subject to confirmation) should be easy to explain together with where his loyalty is. The sudden rise of Peter Mayiga who is believed to be a Tutsi according to what we have learned subject to confirmation is something that we should not forget.

Museveni does things methodically, incrementally and above all secretly with the overall goal of creating a Tutsi Empire in the Great Lakes region to begin with. He tried to do it by military means but that is taking too long. He tried to do it through the East African community but that too is taking too long.

Now he has a new strategy: to install a Tutsi or tutsified king in Buganda at an appropriate time as a nucleus for Tutsi Empire and work with Kenya and Rwanda to declare a political federation (read Tutsi empire) of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with Museveni as the emperor because Burundi and Tanzania are dragging their feet. Mark my words.

The agreement signed between Kabaka and Museveni which according to many people we have not seen (they argue that what we have seen is not the real agreement: that came out clearly in informal conversations at Ttabamiruka conference and is also being referred to in the media) should be understood in the Tutsi empire context.

Ugandans must understand that we have begun to use Socratic methods of investigation: of asking questions at every stage of the game and appealing to culture will not stop this type of questioning. We are in a new phase of development which must be embraced because opposing it will cause unnecessary conflicts. When information is not provided, speculation can't be avoided and we have every right to speculate about what is happening between Mutebi, Mayiga and Wassajja on the one hand and Museveni who is acting alone on the other hand regarding the return of ebyaffe (properties).

When you enter a public theater you should expect scrutiny – at times brutal. And if you refuse to answer questions rumors become facts. Ugandans must also know that wives (spouses) play important public roles when circumstances demand it witness the roles played by the wives of Woodrow Wilson and Nicholas II. Dr Duncan Kafero has become a public figure in Uganda politics and the people are demanding to know who his wife is should Kafero become the next president.





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