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Fwd: {UAH} Hon. Emelia Kyambadde: Buy Patent Rights

Nockrach - Laduma and Forumists

My question is why can't Uganda hire three train and railway engineers , just three and pay them to build the bloody railway line as Africans too, learn from the experience?

Just that fails Ugandans, East Africans , Africans to go beg China!?

I still have the ambition of building something in Oraba Koboko.  It is not because I love chicken, fish, goats meat in groundnut source and millet - No- it is becuase of the beauty of what God gave us free of charge here.

Why don't we see these sort of things?

Well said Laduma!

Let me tell you what  I have seen , Kampala - Kasese line is waking up again- men and women are busy working on it. Besides Gulu - Tororo line we need one from Gulu direct to Kampala connection.

Right from Gulu to Wobulenzi near Bombo it is all flat land! . 

As soon as I landed back in Uganda - I embarked on a study tour of Uganda. My ambition was to work out an urban development plan. This too simple as it is, is failing us to implement.

Can you imagine the emptiness of politics and indecision in this country?

How on earth can we talk about unemployment - just hire three train and railway engineers give them European wages and just build the bloody thing whatever the cost.

I remember x2000 ticket was about 2000 Swedish kr (734000 UGx shs) a return journey at initiation of Gotherberg Stockholm line - what is it today? 

You said 100 Kr (36700 UGx)?! So they have made profits to lower prices to that extreme?! Hail European planning minds and African cowardliness and laziness!

I moved  from one area to another in Uganda north, found huge human settlements in camps - now you can't imagine that life here continued in exactly the same way, as it did so many years before and worse still even in a more absurd manner.

Think for a while that the government had embarked on transforming these huge camps into well organised and planned cities - good houses, shopping centres, medical facilities etc.

let me say this, with that scenario in mind, this Uganda North would be tending towards today's Germany.  From Gulu to Nimule - you will build a super X2000 railway in just months. This is very possible because you are not cutting in granite Swedish rocks, no hills or valleys - God gave us it all and it is there.

I have always asked why should a person in Atiak come to Kyambogo to buy a used vehicle - are there no places to place such business in Uganda north?  I can't understand why this sort of mathematics fails us very badly- yet people here in Gulu are increasingly driving themselves! Go to Nimule and see what an African can come up with - terrible isn't it?!

It is exactly during this time, I moved further north into South Sudan - the beauty of the country side is amazing. The poverty is sickening. Now imagine this - trade between Uganda and South Sudan before this current madness between Marchar and Kiir was almost 300 $ US million per month.

One time, in a day, I counted more than 90 trailers move mechandise from Arua through Oraba to Yei on the side. add to those through Gulu to Tolit and see the richness we can't tap into!
When peace prevailed, In just less that a year, a road from  Nimule to Juba was done. Apart from lower hilly South Sudan - the land is a plateau which will allow a super x2000 train to be built in less than a year.

Goods and people will be in Juba dancing the night away and the following day will be in Kampala eating matooke.

No we really need to work out a social development program.


On Monday, September 22, 2014 4:56:40 PM UTC+2, gaumoy nockrach-laduma wrote:

That hits two flies in a slag: 1)solves tribalism issue in Uganda
when Gulu develops into a cross road city handling CARGO and "dr Feelgood" casinos (2) Opens up Africa for direct trade with Europe
within minimum time and, without fucking pirates!!
3) By tapping it to a cargo ferries (railway ferry) across the
Mediterranean Africa and Africans shall pass digi-growth by volumes. 

How about that!!!

Needless to say, all African elites, real business burgers
and plutocrats shall have shall have where to put their loots
into development without fear by buying shares in the railway.

Imagine within three days, a container from Norther Europe is in Gulu.

Imagine all plutocratic loots reinvested in Trans African railway
and highway system from Gulu!!

Den fredag, 19 september 2014 12:24 skrev Dan Bwanika <>:


What has made China produce virtually everything - from North America and Europe or what make Europe produce what America have invented almost at the same time?!

Buy Patent Rights

They buy patent rights - implying the Chinese government set up the industrial production base and appoints managers to start producing exactly the same products developed in Europe and North America. The patent owner gives you the standards of the products.

Uganda buy Patent rights and set up key industries in the following areas:

   a. Toyota Motor Vehicle Spare parts
   b. Electronics (fridges, TV, Flat Screens, Iron boxes, Washing
       Machines, cookers(gas& electrical), Music systems,
   c. Communication gadgets (mobile phones, computers &
       auxiliaries), decoders,
   d. Tools and Machinery
   e. Construction material(tiles, ceramics ware, etc.)
   f.  Aero-space machines
   g. Food Items
Six or seven strategic industrial base will change Uganda for ever without NRM wastage of time on Investor who are not coming anyway. 

You more help contact me privately
Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero
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UAH forum is devoted to matters of interest to Ugandans. Individuals are responsible for whatever they post on this forum.To unsubscribe from this group, send email to: or Abbey Semuwemba at:

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