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Mulindwa Edward 
from Canada wrote on 8.November 2003 um 01:04 Uhr:
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Fellow Ugandans

The biggest problem we have in Uganda today, is the fact that more than a million people have failed to ever sleep in a bed for the last almost 20 years. That by its self must be enough for all of us to drop our pride. The child who is stuck in the IDP camp in Gulu, does not care whether we belong to what tribe, or we are what colour, what that child needs is a right to a bed as any Muganda child does.
We have an advantage that we have the ability to get and use the facilities of the internet, and RRIA facilities. Can we please focus those facilities into getting these kids a chance to sleep in a bed in their life time? If we can achieve that, then the introduction of RRIA will have become fruit full. Let us please spin our heads all we can to see that we can reach this objective.

And  thanks for your contribution in this struggle.


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