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{UAH} Saving for 7: How 1 Family Is Saving for College for 7 Kids - US News

After the birth of their fourth child, Mike and Suzanne Mayernick thought that they were done having kids. 

But then the couple, who live in Brentwood, Tennessee, began to read and hear about how young African-American men have disproportionately high dropout and incarceration rates. 

"It really did tug on our heartstrings. And we thought, 'You know what? We can't make a difference for all of them, but we can maybe make a difference for one,'" says Suzanne Mayernick. 

They adopted two African-American boys, and then decided to adopt a 3-and-a-half year old girl while on a mission trip in Uganda. Soon they were a family of nine. 

The Mayernicks made it their goal to save enough to pay the estimated costs of tuition at a state public school for each child, knowing that one might go to community collegewhile another might go to Harvard University.


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