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{UAH} Why greater East Africa has an outsized influence on Africa’s story – look at the map

Brig. Paul Lokech, the commander of the Uganda AMISOM contingent in Somalia
Why greater East Africa has an outsized influence on Africa's story – look at the map

In the 21st century, it's unpopular to invoke physical features on a map as relevant in the development of a country. But geography still matters....

gg.jpgGwokto La'Kitgum
"Even a small dog can piss on a tall Building", Jim Hightower

"But this I know, UPC believed and still believes in
very high education. We can call Obote all bad names we have, but the bottom line remains that he got more scholarships for Buganda than all previous Uganda leaders combined. That includes Sir Edward Mutesa, President Lule, President Binayisa, up to and into Ssabasajja Mutebi. Who all happen to be Baganda leaders." Mulindwa

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