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{UAH} Rwanda hunts for professors as Makerere remains closed

Rwanda hunts for professors as Makerere remains closed

Amidst controversy over remuneration of academic staff in Uganda's public universities, neighbouring Rwanda's leading university is hunting for professors with alluring packages, writes Carol Natukunda for New Vision.

The University of Kigali needs professors of marketing, accounting, finance, information technology, procurement and law. Other positions advertised in local media are for a dean and a director of quality assurance. The announcements, according to higher education experts, are likely to see more staff in Uganda's public universities leave for greener pastures as there is evidence that Rwanda offers the best remuneration packages in the region.

According to a 2012 report by a committee of all vice-chancellors of public universities in Kenya, the monthly salary and allowances of a full professor in Rwanda was at an average of US$4,900 compared to Kenya's US$2,200, US$3,200 in Tanzania and US$1,150 in Uganda. Sources say low salaries are behind the high attrition rates at public universities in Uganda. For instance, Makerere University, recently closed as a result of staff and student protests, lost 25 high-profile lecturers in 2011 alone, forcing management to put some postgraduate programmes on hold as they did not have the required staff to run the courses.

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