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{UAH} Bungoma Man Caught red-handed PASSIONATELY Making Love With Neighbour’s Goat (SHOCKING VIDEO)

Bungoma Man Caught red-handed PASSIONATELY Making Love With Neighbour's Goat (SHOCKING VIDEO)

A man who works as a boda boda operator in Bungoma County narrowly escaped death by lynching after being caught engaging in sexual acts with a neighbour's goat. Gabriel Simiyu, 26, was saved from a mob which was baying for his blood after escaping to a nearby police post.

Addressing journalists, Richard Wanyonyi – the owner of the goat – said he was woken up by sounds of the animals bleating and decided to find out what was happening. He walked stealthily to the pen and upon switching on his torch, someone jumped and ran towards the cow shed. As fate would have it, that person left their shoes behind.

The next morning, Mr Wanyonyi launched a man hunt for the man and spoke to some boda boda operators who informed him that the shoes belonged to Simiyu. Upon confronting him, Simiyu admitted that he had sex with the goat and pleaded with the owner to forgive him.

He explained that he committed bestiality as a result of being turned down by ladies at a funeral dance he had attended earlier that night. According to villagers, this was not the first time Simiyu was being accused of bestiality. In the past has in the man has reportedly had sex with a cow and a hen – claims he denied. The accused sought help from well wishers saying he does not know what the problem is.
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