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{UAH} Cuba Gooding Jr's dad found dead in car aged 72

Cuba Gooding Jr's dad found dead in car aged 72  
Zoe Shenton
Credits: Getty Images North America
  • Credits: Rex Features
  • Credits: Getty Images North America

    The singer, actor and father to Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. was found dead on Thursday, reports TMZ.

    According to the website, the actor's father was slumped over in his car, which was parked on a road in Woodland Hills, California.

    The fire department attempted CPR when they arrived on the scene shortly after midday, but couldn't resuscitate him.

    Cuba Gooding Sr. was the lead singer in soul group The Main Ingredient, whose most popular hits include Everybody Plays The Fool and Just Don't Want To Be lonely.

    During the late 1970s and early 1980s, he also enjoyed a brief solo career on Motown Records. 

    As well as Cuba, he and his wife Shirley have three other children together - actor Omar Gooding, musician Tommy and daughter April Gooding.

    The pair split up in 1974, but tied the knot again in 21995.


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