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{UAH} Desh Kananura Acquitted of Murder

Desh Kananura Acquitted of Murder

Desh Kananura
Desh Kananura

    By: Michael Ntezza

  • Apr 28,2017
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High Court in Kampala, presided over by Justice Joseph Murangira has acquitted city businessman and rally driver Andrew Desh Kananura of murder charges.

In his judgement, Justice Murangira said that prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Kananura participated in the said murder.

Kananura was charged with the murder of his employee Badru Katerega at his Panamera bar in Naguru. He was charged together with his brother, Raymond Kananura and three others including Samuel Nzoreba, Jacob Onyango and Sirus Maganda.

Katerega was killed in September 30th, 2012.

During the hearing, the judge ruled that prosecution failed to place Kananura, his brother and the other co-accused at the murder scene.

It also emerged that Kananura was only called in after Katerega had been battered before making attempts to rush the deceased to Norvik hospital.

On April 18th, court assessors called for the release of Desh together with his co-accused on grounds that prosecution failed to present to court key witnesses in the matter.


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