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By Afunah Dixy.

Badru Kateregga like any youth, he left his family of five; a wife and four kids and moved to Kampala in search of opportunities to provide for his family.

He fortunately landed a job as a waiter at one of the bars in town.

With just 4 days to earning his first salary at the bar, Kateregga was beaten to death. He is said to have been beaten to death after he was found in possession of 30k (about $8) which had been given to him by a client as a token of appreciation.

Apparently possessing shs30k and above by waiters is illegal at the bar henceforth the reason he was beaten to death as punishment from people who were said to have included his boss.

His boss immediately flew out of the country; to UK following the incident. He was placed on police's wanted list. He would return to the country three months later and was briefly detained together with his brother and others. They were freed shortly on bail and have been free since then.

During this time, his wife who couldn't stand the life she was going through abandoned the kids at Kateregga's father home and left to start a new life.

Kateregga's dad really wanted justice for his deceased son and grand children who he was taking care of. He would sell off all he could to raise transport of 30,000 (the same amount for which his son was killed) from Mbale to Kampala. The case was always pushed to another day and he would find himself sometimes making 3 or 4 such trips in a month.

Unfortunately, even Kateregga's dad, who was following up the case and also the bread winner for the orphans also succumbed to pressure before even the first hearing of the case.

The case would stall for years. The judge who was in charge of it would push it to another judge. It would also take another long spell; years before the suspects are brought to court.

That judge too would quit the case citing pressure. The next judge would start hearing the following year, 5years after the murder. After some of the witnesses had disappeared? Dead?

Well, the hearing of the case finally kicked off this year. And I hear all of the suspects have been found innocent. Ironically, the same judge says Kateregga's life was ended unlawfully. If none of these is guilty, does this mean the deceased killed himself? #CryTheBelovedCountry


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