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{UAH} DP executive members paid 300,000/= to vote out Nambooze

DP executive members paid 300,000/= to vote out Nambooze


The 19 Democratic Party NEC members who on Thursday voted with Party President Norbert Mao to suspend his Buganda region Deputy were each paid an "allowance" of 300,000/= The SpearNews can exclusively reveal.

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Mao and Mbidde through DP National Executive committee [NEC] on Thursday suspended for 90days the Vice President of Buganda region, Betty Nambooze Bakireke for organizing a Buganda region delegates conference on 31st March 2017.

Police brutally stopped the meeting on orders of the two party leaders.

The SpearNews has learnt that the executive members who supported the motion were each given a "voting allowance" of three hundred thousand Uganda shillings and a meal worth 35,000/- at pope Paul hotel each.

The executive members who abstained from voting on the matter were paid 70,000/- transport refund plus a plate of food while those who voted no and those who walked out of the meeting went home empty handed.

The money was paid to the delegates by party accountant Mr. Wakooli. The SpearEye wasn't able to establish how much was paid to the top officials.

DP NEC has forty four members and those who voted in favor of Nambooze's suspension were 22 including the Acting Party Secretary General who at the same time conducted the proceedings.

Members who Opposed the suspension

1.Hon.Kakande Kenneth [Publicity secretary]
2.Hon.Sulaiman Kidandala [national organising sec
3.Mr. Samuel Muyizzi [Legal adviser]
4.Mr.Kijjambu Deogratias [Member]
5.Hon.Mugambwa Robert
6.Mayor Kasirye Nganda Mulyanyama

Among those who voted for suspension are:
1.Hon. Florence Namayanja
2.Hon.Mary Babirye Kabanda [
3.Hon.Issa Kikungwe
4.Hon.Mukasa Mbidde
5.Mr.Lumu Richard
6.Dr.Mayambala Kiwanuka
7.Dick Lukyamuzi

Nambooze responds to her suspension; We are not any inch moved


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