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{UAH} The famous presidential handshake was a bad deal from the word go

By Omara Guevara Ogaram

The famous presidential handshake was a bad deal from the word go. Now, its taking a new twist. Everyone involved in it is caught in a web. Let's begin from the beginning. What will my sister do after the man who gave her a go ahead to deep her hand into the public fund says, it was a mistake? What about the Attorney General? Will our learned friend stand his ground and say, his advise to the regime leader was legally solid? Will he also be humiliated like his former colleague who advised that, the peoples president should have not been nominated in 2006 presidential elections because the regime had remanded him? What about the motor mouthed journalist? Does he still have any credibility to comment on public issues?

When this dust settles, what recommendations will the Bugweri kid make? Will he have the balls...big balls to recommend beneficiaries of the presidential handshake, also called "Economic Heroes" to refund the money? Will he......will he pick a pen and say, the person who authorized payments and later admitted this was a mistake be impeached? Will Parliament has the balls to impeach the regime leader? Or the famous MPs Will block this report once its presented on the floor of parliament? What will happen to this report?

As for us, the ordinary fellows, we shall continue to our taxes and watch this hakuna muchezo drama unfolding.


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