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{UAH} Fw: Cancer Patient - Ayuru Rebecca (Warning the pictures are quite disturbing)


I have just received this Urgent Appeal for help for this young girl Rebecca Ayuru who is likely to die in the next few days unless we help her.  She is just lying in a hospital ward in Mulago (waiting for death as no treatment is available). 

As usual, I will try all in my power to save Rebecca. I am trying to co-ordinate with Lango Association UK and other agencies to see if we can send her  abroad. This will require at least $10,000, which is not easy to raise in the little window of opportunity Rebecca still has open on this mother earth.  Any offer of assistance would be welcome.

Please pray for Rebecca and her family at this most difficult time in their lives.

Thank You,

George Okello

From: Eunice Apio <>
Sent: 20 April 2017 08:47
Subject: Cancer Patient - Ayuru Rebecca (Please the pictures are quite disturbing)

Dear George,

Apologies for the graphic images of Ayuru, who lies helpless at Mulago STC. Ward. Ayuru 

Any help to save her life would be most welcome.

In case you or anyone needs to get in touch directly, her caretaker is on: 0784 812367 (Imat Enestina).




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