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{UAH} Gen. Muhwezi, Mugume's kids attacked: what really happened.

Gen. Jim Muhwezi
Gen. Jim Muhwezi

Nikko Mugume, the son of former Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Amb James Mugume remains in critical condition following an attack by iron bar hitmen in Mbarara Town on Easter Eve.

Family members told ChimpReports on Monday that Nikko sustained a broken jaw, shattered ribs and fractured leg at the hands of unknown thugs as he left Club Vegas in Mbarara.

"Nikko was so badly beaten that he needs a long Restorative Surgery (surgical procedure medically necessary to repair or restore appearance damaged by accidental injury)," said a close relative.

An investigation by this website shows that Nikko was partying with several friends including Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi's daughter, Sandra Muhwezi at Club Vegas.

As partiers enjoyed the night, Sandra told Nikko she was too tired and needed to take a rest. She asked him to drop her home.

Amb Mugume told us the two victims are cousins.

Unfortunately, Nikko and Sandra took a wrong route towards crime-prone Kizungu Zone.

"Nikko decided to turn the car in search of the correct route in that dark area," recounted a friend who was among the first people to arrive at the scene.

In a space of minutes, thugs jumped from the bush before smashing the car's windscreens with iron bars and pestles.

Terrified, Nikko and Sandra screamed for help.

But the thugs were so swift that they managed to drag Nikko and Sandra from the car before hitting both with big sticks.

Nikko who tried to fight back paid a higher price with thugs hammering him from all corners.

Sandra's legs were badly beaten, fracturing her ankle.

The two had their phones and other personal items robbed before being left for dead.

After the beating, Nikko managed to put Sandra in the car and off he drove to Agip Hotel in Mbarara Town.

"Nikko collapsed as soon as both arrived at the hotel," said a family member, adding, "He was helpless as he bled profusely."

As soon as news spread about the incident, Jim Muhwezi's family members and friends rushed to the scene of crime.

The thugs had disappeared under the cover of darkness.

A decision was taken to rush the victims to Mayanja Memorial hospital as police combed the area for clues.

ChimpReports understands that Security Minister Maj Gen Henry Tumukunde and CMI boss Col Abel Kandiho on Easter Sundayvisited the victims at the hospital, promising to support investigations into the crime that has shaken some of the most powerful families in the country.

Amb. Mugume who confirmed the attack said the victims sustained severe injuries and were admitted to hospital.

"They sustained severe injuries, but their lives are out of danger," said Amb. Mugume in an exclusive interview with ChimpReports on Easter Sunday night.

It's understood that at the time of the attack, police did not have any active tracking devices in the entire western Uganda, raising fears the perpetrators may not be found.

Mugume retired from the Foreign Affairs Ministry a couple of months ago after serving over three decades.

He has for long been a close friend of the Muhwezi family.

Muhwezi, a former intelligence chief, served in the NRA war that brought President Museveni to power in 1986.

The victims are currently admitted at IHK Hospital in Kampala for specialized medical care.

Amb Mugume said they had "reported the matter to police which has done its report."

He said investigations were underway to establish the identities and motive of the attackers.

Cases of thugs attacking people in Mbarara and Masaka have been on the rise in recent months, with dozens been hacked.

Meanwhile, concerned family members have put an award of Shs 10,000,000 (ten million shillings) for whoever provides information leading to the arrest of the attackers.

The contact of Mbarara Police Station DPC, Jafari Magezi is 0783700501.

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