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{UAH} HILLARIOUS: She Thinks The Stranger At The Door Is Just Being Rude, But The Truth Is Way Crazier

She Thinks The Stranger At The Door Is Just Being Rude, But The Truth Is Way Crazier


Persistence can be a good or a bad thing. Sometimes getting what you want requires a lot of effort, and you have to keep at it to achieve your goals. Other times, though, people can interpret being too persistent as forceful…or strange.

When a man kept appearing at her door and asking a rude question, this woman found his tenacity very off-putting. However, as it turned out, he actually was trying to tell her something important!

A woman was doing chores around the house when she heard a knock at the front door. She went to the door, opened it up and saw a strange man that she didn't recognize.

He asked her, "Do you have a vagina?" and she immediately slammed the door shut in anger and disgust.

The next morning around the same time, she heard another knock at her door. The strange man was back and he asked her the exact same question, "Do you have a vagina?" Once again, she slammed the door on him.

When her husband got home that evening, she told him about the man and what he'd asked her the last two days. Her husband said, "Honey, I'll take tomorrow off of work so that I can be home, in case he comes back again."

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