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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Our inspirational brother/husband/father/friend -Mr Charles Awil Olara, was diagnosed with a very severe kidney disease, earlier this year in Uganda, where he currently resides; and his doctors have advised that he urgently needs a kidney transplant. The kidney transplant will be carried out from India, at an estimated cost of £35,000; which also includes any other associated costs, such as transport and accommodation expenses. In the meantime, he has been put on dialysis treatment twice a week, at a cost of £250 per week. The treatment is being funded by the generous donations of his family and friends. However, dialysis is only a short term solution and not a cure. This is also putting a huge strain on their finances, and the sooner he can get the transplant, the better it will be for both him , and his loved ones. We are desperately trying to raise £35,000 as soon as we can to ensure that Charles receives the care that he urgently needs, so that he can receive a better quality of life. He is currently a man living in fear at the prospect of leaving his young children without a father, and his wife without a husband. Charles is desperately trying to fight for his life, but he needs your help! I cannot express how greatful we are for the assistance we have received so far. Your kindness and support has been absolutely overwhelming; and we graciously ask that you help us see this journey through to the end. Every penny really does count, as this is Charles' last chance of life; and I truly believe that together we can empower, and restore meaning to Charles' life once again.  Thank you!

Fred Kinyera
1 month ago

Dear donors, I can't thank you enough for your donations. This will ultimately make a huge difference in Charles' life. I am also aware that certain donors chose to be anonymous, but whoever you are many thanks, and most importantly, God bless you all!

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