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{UAH} Lumumba under attack over Muntu comments

Lumumba under attack over Muntu comments

Ms Lumumba

Ms Lumumba 

By Moses Kyeyune

KAMPALA- Days after she asked Forum for Democratic Change Party President Maj Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu to return to the ruling party, Ms Justine kasule Lumumba, the secretary general of the National Resistance Movement has come under attack as a cynic, whose un-witted words were planted with malice.

Ms Lumumba, on Thursday while attending a belated Women's Day celebration at Rwenanura Primary School in Ntungamo District asked resident to woo Gen Muntu back to the ruling party, describing him as a "sober man" with chances of succeeding President Yoweri Museveni.

In a separate interview with Daily Monitor, Ms Lumumba empahsised that "Muntu is a good man with good character but playing with a wrong team that has undermined his chances of achieving his ambitions."

She also asked the retired army commander to consider ironing out his differences with party officials for a "comfortable return".

However, Ms Miria Matembe, a former Minister of Ethics and Integrity castigated Ms Lumumba's saying that she lacks the moral authority to woo Gen Muntu and defined her effort as a mockery.

"The fact that she says Gen Muntu is a presidential material is enough. All of us who quit that party [NRM] are the right people for this nation. Of what material is she to comment about Gen Muntu's character?" said Matembe.

Gen Muntu did not reply to our quest for a comment, yet both Mr Ibrahim Semujju Nganda the spokesperson and his deputy Mr Harold Kaija, declined to comment on the same.

Meanwhile, Ms Beti Kamya, the Kampala Capital City Authority Minister welcomed Ms Lumumba's call saying that FDC has since lost track and that Gen Muntu should indeed think of reconciling his woes with the NRM.

"Muntu is a principled and clear-headed person and I agree, he is out of place," she said.

Ms Kamya, a founder member of the FDC, quit the party in 2008 following disagreements over the election of the National Party Chairperson. She later formed the Uganda Federal Alliance.

"FDC abandoned its course-line and they are far off the mark. Their politics is individual centered and aimed at profiteering," Ms Kamya said.


Ms Matembe told Daily Monitor that Ms Lumumba's call could have been planted by radical forces within the FDC to tarnish Gen Muntu as the party awaits its presidential elections.

"You know those who are crooked will not want a man of integrity like Muntu…he doesnt consider positions and earthly possessions as an end of life," said Ms Matembe.

Ms Matembe also said that the NRM would also wish to have a weakened FDC since many players within government and the opposition envy Gen Muntu's style of institutional building.

"There are many people who would want to see him running around and seeking media attention but they are disappointed, that is not his style," she said.

Dr Frederick Kiseka Ntale, a political analyst and researcher said that the call could be intended to portray Gen Muntu as an NRM cadre and weaken his grip on to the FDC top job.

"The NRM like KANU in Kenya and [Milton] Obote's UPC could be trying to have a weaker opposition by reaching out to such powerful politicians with good a political record," he said.

Dr Ntale also said that such stunts have been employed across Africa to discredit the opposition and thus extend the incumbents' stay in power.


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