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{UAH} MP disowns dead husband

MP disowns dead husband

Mourners carry the remains of Ambrose Eger for

Mourners carry the remains of Ambrose Eger for burial. Photo by Bill Oketch. 


The Woman Member of Parliament for Kole District has distanced herself from any attribution or portrayal which puts her in a relationship with deceased Ambrose Eger, a former lecturer of Gulu University. Eger died on April 8.
Whereas Ms Judith Alyek (Kole Woman MP), claims that no relationship existed between them, Eger's relatives of Inomo clan and local leaders aver to the contrary. For instance, the Alebtong LC5 chairman, Mr Denis Johnson Okello, said Ms Alyek was the deceased's wife, and that God had blessed the couple with two children who have grown up into adults.

Mr Bosco Olung, the deputy clan chief of Inomo clan, said the MP was married to their son Eger.

"She is married with children and if there was any misunderstanding in their marriage, the clan was not informed," Mr Olung told Daily Monitor on Tuesday.


However, following the loss, someone who did not sign the announcement record book placed an announcement on Radio Unity in Lira on Friday.

The announcement, aired on Friday evening and Saturday morning, indicated the MP Alyek's husband would be buried on Saturday, April 15, at their ancestral home in Alebtong District.
Informed were the chairman of Lango Parliamentary Group, members of Parliament from Lango, LC5 chairperson of Kole, and all the district councilors of Kole, according to the announcement.

However on Saturday morning, the MP reportedly stormed Radio Unity with some man whom she was referring to as her husband to cancel the previous announcement. The MP, who was in the company of one Richard Odongo (husband), disowned Eger in the announcement.

In the controversial announcement, the legislator asked all the MPs from Lango and the district leaders of Kole to disregard the previous announcement saying it was done by her political saboteurs.

The management of Radio Unity told this newspaper that the legislator also refused to sign the announcement record book when asked to do so by the cashier.


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