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{UAH} Nsambu writes to Kuteesa: I won’t leave Canada before my kids finish school

Nsambu writes to Kuteesa: I won't leave Canada before my kids finish school

Defiant; Nsambu

Ambassadors are the nation's representatives to another country. They represent the interests of their country abroad.

The job of an ambassador comes with fringe benefits that include a relocation allowance for the diplomat and family, fully paid education for the ambassador's kids in the host country, return air tickets, accommodation in high end residential areas, chauffer driven cars, servants and the overly misused diplomatic immunity that gives one immunity over too many things.

These benefits have left many Ugandan ambassadors jostling for 'good postings' and others rejecting their transfers.

This is the case of Ambassador Chrysostom Alintuma Nsambu who was recently moved from Ottawa, Canada to the North Africa nation of Algeria.

Defiance and conundrum

Nsambu in a nonchalant tone has written to Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa saying he will not leave Canada until his kids complete school in the first world country.

This development has left the foreign affairs minister stranded with two ambassadors in one country.

Nsambu's replacement Ruth Acheng, a Uganda People's Congress member is these days seen wandering on the streets of Kampala because his predecessor has rendered her jobless.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, early this year, made wide-ranging changes to Uganda's diplomatic representations overseas, appointing many election losers.

This was deemed as a move to reward loyal NRM cadres and other opposition members who collaborated with the regime during presidential elections.

Impatient; Acheng

Acheng abandoned her party and canvassed support for the NRM candidate in return she was promised a ministerial slot. However, Acheng was rejected by the NRM caucus as state minister for fisheries.

A source in the Foreign Affairs Ministry told TrumpetNews that Nsambu wrote to the minister saying he won't be leaving for Algiers until his kids finish school.

The Ministry's acting publicist Margaret Kafeero described Nsambu;s matter as thus; "I served in North America and I know the complications that the school system there poses. That is the most common request that comes out of our Orthodox American stations. As a result, most of our movements to and from those stations happen during the summer holidays to ensure that kids do not miss out on the school year."

Kafeero added that she would be surprised to find Nsambu's request unusual.

"What would you do if you were left with two months for your kids to get holidays and yet your replacement hasn't been facilitated by the Canadian Government to travel to Canada? Wouldn't you ask for that extension? Is that a refusal to move?  Processes must be understood before accusations are levied," she told TrumpetNews.

However, she explained that In the meantime, all affected Heads of Mission are expected to report to hand over to their Deputies and report to Kampala and wait for agreement.

"Nsambu's replacement has not received agreement from the Canadian Government. So whether he leaves Ottawa today or tomorrow, the new Ambassador cannot move without permission of the Canadian Government," she concluded.


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