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{UAH} Simcard registration very disturbing

Dear fellow Ugandans

Let me share with you this disturbing exercise of registration of simcards. 

personally i did register and my finger prints were taken All my details taken. But when it came to a point of collecting my card my name was not existing anywhere. 

To day i heard the minister blaming people for not turning up to collect their cards...there has been alot of innefeicies that people honestly have lost interest in govt programes. 

I wonder why we have to advise govt on how it should carry out its programes. 
On the issue of registration...last year the same exercise took place but again now its to be repeated. People are given very few days. 

What this govt has forgotten there ugandans who are doing shoping abroad they are not in the country...what will happen to their phones because some of them wont be back by 19.4.17. 

What trigered this registration? could it be the death of Kawesi and hos boys?

Even if people register the killers of Kawesi are well protected within the govt. 
Registrering phones wont bring back Kawesi and his body guards 

Govt must allowe and give people more time to register. 

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