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{UAH} Those were days, when justice was really justice.

By Omara Guevara Ogaram

When a retired colonel was accused for allegedly raping a woman, the wheels of justice moved at the speed of light. The big man took over the case. The victim was given maximum protection.

The head of criminal investigation took over the case personally. The colonel was quickly remanded as the police combed everywhere for evidence. When he appeared in court, the director of public prosecution personally appeared in court to cross examine him.

Those were days, when justice was really justice.

Two weeks back, a young girl reported to police how she was sexually assaulted by a powerful man. This time, the wheels of justice seem to have rusted. The police are accusing the girl for not providing sufficient information into the matter. The director of public prosecution as turned into advisor to the victim. ":She has many options to report her case if police is not helpful" he says.

To date, the accused person has not been arrested. He seems to have not recorded any statements in police. Instead, he runs to the big man and accuses a minister for allegedly soliciting for a bribe. The big man gives him a go ahead to lay a trap for the minister.

The powerful man walks freely as if sexual assault allegations don't matter. When police is asked why no action has been taken, the say there is no enough evidence to support this case.

This country is interesting. In other countries, this powerful man would be in police custody. You don't insult, beat or harass a woman without attracting the wrath of the state. A mere fact that a woman reports an assault is enough for police to commence investigation.

Where are women activists to stand shoulder to shoulder with this helpless young girl? Who will speed up the wheels of justice so that this girl gets justice against the most powerful men of this world. The people who advocate for women empowerment should stand up and support this young girl.


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