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I was unable to be physically at Top Radio's Kimeeza this morning but
l sent a message where l asked for Ssaabasajja Kabaka to disband
Buganda Land Board because it is unconstitutional.
According to the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995 as
amended in 2005, the Buganda Land Board is appointed by Buganda
Government, which is not in place now.
The BLB is made up, of , among others, chairpersons of district land
board in Buganda, it is also represented on district land boards. It
is charged which former public land or Mayiro Akenda, and official
Mailo estates like saza and gombolola estates, those of Katikkiro,
omulamuzi and omuwanika, among others.
350 Sq. Mls. estate for the Kabaka is managed by his Personal
Treasury/Nkuluze where he has estates manager/bakatikkiro b'ebyalo bya
But this unconstitutional BLP has started selling land left right and
center, and even selling traditional and cultural sites like that of
Kawumpuli at Buyego in Bulemeezi, which was sold to non Baganda and
they started erasing it until the local population chased them away
and burnt the grader in a mob justice.
I also implored the Kabaka that he should not renew the contract for
incumbent Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga upon expiry next month, but
instead, he should appoint a Katikkiro with a task of ensuring that
the Regional Governments Bill in Parliament for the last 10 years, is
passed and operationalized.
This will pave way for the restoration of Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro,
Acholi, Lango and other regional Governments with Premiers directly
elected, so are the Councils, where in case of Buganda or any other
kingdom, the Kabaka is entitled to nominate a quarter of it, with
nominees from clan leaders, who shall have form a standing committee
on culture including Kabakaship with exlusing powers over traditional
and cultural matters. All these are in the constitution.
If this is done, then Buganda Government will be budgeted from the
center and the Kabaka and Mmengo shall stop being a burden to his
subjects, which is dangerous although a clique at Mmengo benefit from
it as there is no transparency and accountability.
Thirdly, the Land Fund, which is also constitutional, should be
funded, so that both land owners and bibanja holders can buy off one
another and dual ownership stops.
On Radio Simba, where l have managed to be present in Gasimbagane ne
bannamawulire program,. L also said that security of tenure for both
land owners and bibanja holders contribute to lack of food security in
the country.
Good weekend.

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