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Brothers and sisters, as l was listening to CBS noon news bulletin
from Buganda Region on Tuesday 19th, l heard the voice of its
Ssembabule correspondent Ssekabiito saying that Minister of Local
Government Capt. Tom Butime had approved eight sub counties of Mabindo
which has been cut from Mijwala, Kawanda and Mitima cut from
Lugusuulu, Mateete rural cut into two, Lwebitakuli cut into three,
Kyera cut from Lwemiyaga and Nyamitanga cut from Ntuusi, starting with
July 1st 2017.
This was good news and l thank Foreign Minister and Mawogola North MP
Sam Kahamba Kuteesa for goody lobbying.
I remember when he met Mawogola North Movement leaders on eve of new
year day, and promised to cut Lugusuulu, l met him and we agreed that
almost the entire sub counties needed cutting and he has done so.
HOWEVER MY DISTRICT OF RESIDENCE Wakiso, is unlucky, and even the city
status the President promised in campaign is in balance, and local
leaders fear more constituencies and local governments as they want to
be the only ones yet less visionary and poor lobbyists.
Makindye Ssaabagabo Municipality which is 300,000 people, should have
at least three constituencies, but it is only one, and with only three
municipal divisions of Masajja, Seguku and Bunnamwaya where Masajja
and Namasuba, which are 70,000 people strong should be two divisions,
Busaabala should also be a division. Ndejje should be a division
independent of Seguku and Mutundwe should be another division
independent of Bunnamwaya. But there is no minister or MP to lobby for
Busiro South which is 230,000 people strong, should be a municipality
other than a combination of Kajjansi and Katabi town councils and
Nakawuka sub county, among others. There should be two constituencies.
Busiro East is 600,000 people strong but with only one constituency
and Wakiso and Kasangati town councils, and Wakiso and Mende sub
counties are yet to become a municipality.
Nansana Municipality is 400,000 people strong but only one
constituency and efforts by local government ministry to have two
constituencies in 2016 was sabotaged by selfish and myopic
Kira Municipality needs another constituency and Kasangati Town
Council should have been a municipality in the first place.
No minister or MP from Wakiso has spear headed for Entebbe, Wakiso,
Nabweru and Kira to have separate cities or urban districts. God save
However, bad news from Ssembabule is that more leaflets are circulated
threatening to raid and cut people in my home Nnambiriizi village and
its neighbors including Gayaaza, Nakasunzu, Kankalange and Busheka all
in Mijwala Sub County.
Let me hope that police and other security agencies will do the
needful and out of action those terrorists.
Tonight, l shall be on Dream TV from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm if it is the
will of God. Juma kareem and good weekend.

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