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Pojim et al,
Can you name one piece of legislation that President Obama proposed to Congress that specifically addresses issues that negatively affects Black people?Can you name one piece of legislation that President Obama proposed to Congress or co-sponsored that any other Legislator has proposed to Congress, that specifically addresses at least one of the myriad of issues that negatively affects Black people--Specific to us as those Presidential Executive Orders he wrote for other groups that were specific to them?

Keeping mind, I didn't say ratified I said proposed. In addition, Obama was the biggest proponent for the LGBTQIA Agenda.

He wrote several Executive Orders, including Executive Orders for the protection of Illegal Aliens, Protection of The LGBTQIA community. He paid the Jews 12 million dollars for the Holocaust, even though the United States had no hand in that act, itself.

he'd have written some Presidential Executive Orders to affect some change for us too. Sadly, he didn't write any Executive Orders for us at all. He didn't try to implement anything as regards to protecting Black people against Police Brutality or anything else. And yet, he signed 'The Blue Law' to protect Police Officers.


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