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{UAH} The White House Issues Statement In Response To Reports That Melania Trump Is “Miserable"

The White House Issues Statement In Response To Reports That Melania Trump Is "Miserable"

It appears the White House is unhappy with all the gossip surrounding Melania Trump and her reported misery at the thought of moving to the White House.

Now the White House is trying desperately to respond to the recent Vanity Fair profile on Melania Trump, which painted her as "miserable" being the First Lady, and "frosty" with Ivanka Trump, her daughter-in-law. Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for the White House, attempted to dispel some of the stories from the piece, such as how Trump treated Melania during her pregnancy. According to Grisham, Donald was "very warm and supportive throughout her pregnancy."

Grisham stated that Melania "has always been supportive of all her husband's endeavors" despite one source claiming Melania never had any interest in Trump running for president and being the First Lady did not appeal to her.

Grisham might have a point—if Vanity Fair was the only one reporting on Melania's misery. Us Weekly has published two stories on Melania now, one describing her as "Unhappy with how her life ended up," and a second that reveals that Trump and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms. Grisham called the latter claim "fictional."

As far as Melania's relationship with Ivanka, Grisham asserts that they have "a close relationship" despite appearances.

Melania does seem on planning to move to the White House, according to New York Daily News, but there are reports of changes being made to the private wing of the White House. As well, Melania is going through media coaching to be the First Lady. Her misery might be far from over.


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