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{UAH} Who should a ugandan President

Fellow Ugandans...

Following what we have seen from 1960s to present date.... i have come to suggest that a creteria must be followed on defining who should be a ugandan president. 

We must set up a specific detailed cretaria for who should be a ugandan president. what is written at present is lacking alot of aspects which i feel if identified in advance...its would save us these misaries we are encountering. 

We fell short of sight. totally short of sight. Although we thout it was for the goodnof the nation to support M7

Ugandans we have seen what a foreigner has done to our country and the pain we are subjected too. 

Foreigners have penetrated every single entity of the coutry. To make matters worse now they have come to villages to take out land  implying that tomoro we shall be seeking  refugge from them. 

They use moeny and force to get what they wont. This is all about the biggest mistake that our elders   possibly all of us who joined and supported this M7

We should have asked several questions who is he  and why him for the struggle. Its a regrate that i will live with. 

When i saw this lady tied a rope in neck due to luck of food to feed her children whom she loved most i failed to eat. Totally my heart is filled with pain on watching what is happenibg in the country. 

But to the regime its a different story.. u have a leader saying Ugandas economy has grown since he took power....narrates...many can drive...have tails in houses...fence...own hotels...and buildings....its sad.

. i regrate why did we support this man. 

The question is that do we have conscious in our heart over our actions? 

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