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{UAH} Woman burns herself dead

Woman burns herself dead

Residents gathered at the house in which the

Residents gathered at the house in which the woman was burnt dead and her husband injured. Photo By Longino Muhindo 


BUNDIBUGYO. Residents of Bundimasoli, Ntandi Town Council in Bundibugyo District on Wednesday found a woman only identified as Nyangoma burnt dead inside a bar she was operating.
Her husband, Mugisha Isembambu, a resident of Ntandi town council in Bundibugyo District was also severely burnt in their nearby rental room.

Sources said Nyangoma had misunderstandings with her husband over family issues and on the fateful Tuesday night. The couple's quarrel turned into a fist fight. Nyangoma is suspected to have locked her husband inside their rental house and set it ablaze at the time when her husband was asleep.
She then reportedly ran into their bar which is opposite their rental house and also set herself on fire. However, efforts to rescue her were futile.
Neighbours say they noticed fumes and flames of fire from the house and raised alarm, rescuing Isembambu with severe burns on his body.

An eye witness who preferred anonymity said: "The husband ran a bar and the woman was the one in charge but the woman had told her husband to stop his brothers from coming to that bar because they drink alcohol for free whenever they come, so that was the start of the fight."
Isembambu was rushed to Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital in critical condition, while Nyangoma's body was taken to Bundibugyo Hospital for post mortem and later handed over to the family for burial.
When contacted Bundibugyo District police commander Martin Tukahebwa said investigations into the incident are ongoing.


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