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Dr Kololo/Henry Ford Mirima/John Kwitonda/Comrade Sekajja,

How are you going to quell the fires of civil war raging inside your party? Are they just birth pangs of the new democracy we want in Uganda or death throes of  death of a once great party?


I have been receiving many calls since morning as the Democratic Party's National executive committee (NEC) sat at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel.
I did not attend the meeting because my doctor had put me on bed rest because of a condition known as Hypoglycemia which has been disturbing me since last year. I got an attack on good Friday soon after participating in the way of the cross.I henceforth informed the acting party secretary Mr Siranda.

Although the NEC agenda never spelt out that, that I will come up for discussion in my individual capacity, I understand that I turned out to be the only item the NEC handled for the whole day.

I however salute the wise counsel of the Legal Advisor Mr Sam Muyizzi for reminding the party leaders that what they have done today, Thursday April 20, 2017, was illegal and inconsequential before the rules of natural justice and our party constitution hence a nullity.

I also thank the leaders from Western Uganda for standing on the principle of Truth and Justice upon which our party swears to abide by in all circumstances.I also thank the NEC members who walked out for distancing yourselves from these disgraceful and cowardly acts of attempting to threaten and gag party members who stand by what is right.

Undoubtedly this is neither the spirit of the DP we inherited from our forefathers nor the DP we want today and in the future.

I will address myself to the matter in detail on Monday if my health permits.

For now, I would like to tell the millions of DP members and supporters that our struggle has not been hindered by an inch. We want a strong, better governed, reformed, and transparent DP.

Such intrigues as seen today, have only exposed the enemy within. It reassures us that we are on the right side of history and we should match on. We are invigorated.

For the party that believes in Truth and Justice, this exposes our President Mr Norbert Mao as being far short of that maxim, although I find his move sincere that people soul searching on how to make the party great again have no place at his table.

That DP is in the state of captivity is no longer a matter of debate. We cannot relent until we liberate our party from the dark forces that so desire to annihilate it.
The enemy is within sight. We are building for our final stand.

Keep the messages coming. And I welcome your advice and support as usual as we take our struggle forward. Masaka we are coming. 
For Truth and justice as we strive to make DP great again.

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