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{UAH} Allan/Gook/Pojim: List of presidential Advisers and their monthly salary from state house

List of presidential Advisers and their monthly salary from state house

Haj Ntege Nasser Ssebagala and President Museveni

Uganda president has 128 advisers each earning more than 2,380,000/= The criteria used to fix each ones pay cheque is not clear but here is what they earn.

  1. E Holderbaum   -7,000,000

2. Henery Muganwa Kajula   -15,000,000

3. Kintu Musoke  -11,000,000

4. Appolo Nsibambi  -2,380,000

5. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe  -2,600,000

6. Gerladine Namirembe Bitamazire

7. Ham Mukasa

8. Ezra Suruma

9. Dr James Makumbi- 2 ,282,082

10. Haj Nasser Ntege Ssebagala  2,382,082

11. Joseph Tamale Mirundi  -2,370,616

12.Milly Babalinda Babirye  -600,000,000

13. John Musinguzi   -8,000,000

14. Grace Nyakwenegura -4,000,000

15. Dr Wabudeya  -15,000,000

16. Patrick Rusongoza -15,000,000

17. Alice Muhoozi   -7,300,000

18, Dorah Rukare Ssemambo -6,000,000

19. Christine Mugiira   -4,000,000

20.Sylvia Olai Latigo  -2,382,073

List of state house salary
Moses Ocen Nekyon

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