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Yesterday I watched and amazing video clip of a Motswane Bushman hunter and an (un)fortunate Baboon.

In the video, the hunter spots a curious Baboon then makes his way to a nearby anthill.

He digs into his grabs-bag and shows of a handful of nuts knowing the Baboon is watching. Then pours it into one of the many holes in the anthill. He has chosen a not so wide hole for a reason.

Then he walks away playing oblivious to seeing the Baboon. In a moment the curious Baboon leaps to find the nuts the hunter just poured in the hole. Soon both will learn lessons in survival and curiosity.

That hole chosen by the hunter is just the right size for this Baboon to dip its hands in and grab the nuts. So, the Baboon does it. It dips its hand deep inside the hole, feels the nuts and grabs a handful. Problem was, a hand full of nuts will have expanded and wouldn't allow it to easily pull out of the hole. Complicating the situation is that the lucky Baboon would not simply let go the nuts. That's what's called determination.

With hand stuck in the hole the hunter simply walks and grabs the Baboon by the neck. One is left thinking the Baboon would soon end up in the hunter's cooking pot but, NO.

The Bushman has always wondered why Baboons and monkeys never get thirsty and where they get water from. That's the reason he will let go this curious Baboon.

He takes a rope and ties the Baboon to a tree as he sits a good comfortable distance to take a bite. Meanwhile, he has grabbed yet a fistful of solid salt and given to the Baboon. I didn't know Baboons knew salt or even its taste but apparently, they love salt.

There is a reason the hunter fed the Baboon salt. Its to make the fella extremely thirsty. The process runs over night with a highly dehydrated Baboon and in the morning the hunter grabs and releases the Baboon. The Baboon soon bolts off seemingly making a desperate escape for dear life but sprinting up close behind it is the hunter who wouldn't want the Baboon to flee out of sight.

Baboon ends up in some rocky place with  huge boulders, crevices that forces the hunter to squeeze himself thro the cervices.

What just happened is that the Baboon had quickly forgotten his ordeal and luck with the hunter. Priority One for the Baboon was to rapidly quench its thirst for water.

Soon the hunter catches up close to the Baboon and right in front of them is a cool pool of water with a stream gently flowing into it.

The Baboon has just shown man where the secret watering hole is and the man will go home to tell other hunters and families where to find water.

Wasn't that an excellent story?

And all God's people and animal lovers will unanimously proclaim,



Gwokto La'Kitgum
"Even a small dog can piss on a tall building" Jim Hightower

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