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{UAH} Breaking: FDC’s Ssegirinya arrested in Netherlands

Breaking: FDC's Ssegirinya arrested in Netherlands

Ssegirinya (in red neck-tie) with his leader Besigye

Kawempe North Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) councilor, Muhammad Ssegirinya has on Monday been arrested by authorities in Amsterdam, Netherlands, TrumpetNews exclusively reports.

According to our source, Ssegirinya had gone to attend an agriculture and urbanisation conference, facilitated by KCCA but was arrested immediately at the airport.

He left Uganda on Monday morning.

A source adds that the motor mouthed opposition activist used the conference as a guise but he had gone to rescue a colleague who was arrested 2 weeks ago when he was found with no document.

"Ssegirinyas friend Fred Mutyaba  was arrested 2weeks ago in Amsterdam. So his friend asked him to take his documents  from  Uganda   when  they cross  checked  in his bag  they realized  that the papers in the envelope  were fake," a source said.

Adding that Mutyaba disappeared in Amsterdam when he went for conference with FDC kingpin Kizza Besigye.

"So police got him without any document," a source further said.

Indeed when we checked on social media page Facebook, Mutyaba is seen posing in picture with Besigye.

A source said that immigration authorities in Uganda have just informed Ssegirinya's family.

Efforts to reach his family relatives for a comment were by press time futile.

A source said Ssegirinya is to be deported to Uganda.

This website will bring you more details.


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