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Ugandan musicians are broke according to Forbes

Artistes Bebe Cool, Chameleon and Bobi Wine

For the past couple of years, Ugandan artistes have been bragging how rich they are and it has always been the public to settle for such claims.

They disguised their wealth by buying monster rides like Escalades, Hummers and Benzes and in the process, hike the prices but today, they have been exposed by Forbes who released a list of richest African artistes.

Too many, this might come as a surprise but on the just released list, no Ugandan artiste has featured. Not even Bobi Wine, Ragga Dee, Chameleon or Bebe Cool who people think deserve to be among the wealthy entertainers.

This list is dominated by Nigerian artistes who include Wiz Kid, Davido, Don Jazzy and Jidena who is based in the states while South Africa is represented by DJ Black Coffee and legendary Hugh Masekela who is also the oldest among the top ten.

Zimbabwe is represented by American Tinashe and Oliver Mtukudzi. The list is dominated by Akon who is mostly based in the US.

The list is featured in the May edition of Forbes, which looks at the music industry on the continent. "For long," says Forbes managing editor Chris Bishop, "music has been a part of business in Africa.

What does this mean to Ugandan artistes? They should start investing wisely and earning big instead of just bragging.


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