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{UAH} The Butcher of of Kasese awarded Rwenzori Star medal

General Elwelu awarded Rwenzori Star medal
  • Written by URN
Maj Gen Peter Elwelu

The commander of the country's Land Forces, Maj Gen Peter Elwelu, was today awarded the Rwenzori Star medal, exactly five months and four days after he led a military onslaught on the palace of the Rwenzururu king, in which over 100 people were killed.

According to the National Honours and Awards Act, 2001, the Rwenzori Star medal is the third highest decoration awarded for distinguished or exemplary military service including great responsibility in military service.

Elwelu was among the 143 people awarded with Rwenzori Star medal, Golden Jubilee medal and Police medals in Pallisa district during the ceremony to mark International Labour Day today. 

General Elly Tumwiine, the National Honours and Awards Committee chairman, said that Elwelu and nine other military officers who were awarded the Rwenzori Star medal, served at great risk of their lives by joining the National Resistance Army (NRA), which transformed into the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF).

Tumwine also noted that these officers including the Joint Chief of Staff Major General Joseph Musanyufu and Field Artillery Division commander Major General Sam Okiding among others, successfully participated in operations against dictatorship and insurgencies to usher in today's peace.

Then a brigadier and commanding the Second UPDF Division, Elwelu commanded the November 27 attack on Omusinga Mumbere's palace in Kasese in which the Rwenzururu king was arrested together with at least 145 of his loyalists. They have since been charged with several counts of murder, attempted murder, terrorism, kidnap and treason.

Amidst local and international concerns about human rights violations in relation to the military attack, Elwelu was in January promoted to Major General and appointed commander Land Forces.

Also among the 143 medal recipients were notable people from the business community including Salim Uhuru, the owner of a chain of Uhuru restaurants, Solome Nsimire, the director of Link Services Limited and the owner of the International University of East Africa Alwi Hassan.

According to Tumwine, these and others were awarded the Golden Jubilee medals in recognition of the outstanding service and loyalty to the country.  He noted that the International University of East Africa employs more than 250 people with 3,000 students offered education.

Tumwine, on the other hand, indicated that Salim Uhuru employs more than 300 workers who with time learn skills from his restaurants and start their own food business. For Solome Nsimire, Tumwine said that she employs 207 workers with the over 46 buses she owns.

This year's national theme for the International Labour Day is, "Building the Nation through Good Work Ethics."


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