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MUST SHARE FOR NHS: The NHS is the most important institution we have in the UK.

However there are those who wish to privatise our beloved NHS and like the USA have it run FOR PROFIT!
Labour Future passionately disagrees with this.

Therefore today we are supporting the outstanding: #SAVENHS CAMPAIGN

#SAVENHS will create a cross-party campaign from now until election day, fighting for every NHS hospital up and down the country, and calling out those who wish to do the NHS harm.

They will make sure that whoever wins the general election will be UNABLE to damage our NHS and they will demand prospective MP's pledge this prior to polling day and expose those who don't.

Lets make this election all about the NHS, and lets protect it for another 50 years for its the greatest creation this party has ever achieved. Without the NHS a larger number of poorer people will die prematurely and this is not acceptable.

#SAVENHS will also make and launch an amazing viral video and national campaign, warning people of the dangers of a privatised health care system.

If you support one campaign this election, please make it this one and lets #SAVENHS

Please note: GoFundMe requires a personal Facebook account be attached so they can prove who the group fundraising is. The person attached is a member of our team.

CAMPAIGN TO SAVE OUR NHS The general election is on 8 June and we are launching a URGENT and vital campaign to #SAVENHS There are political…

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