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{UAH} Civil war erupts in Sweden as irate Swedes burn nine Muslim refugee centers to the ground

Civil war erupts in Sweden as irate Swedes burn nine Muslim refugee centers to the ground

Swedish vigilantes have taken matters into their own hands. Their political leaders have been shoving multiculturalism down the throats of the Swedish people for decades, which has created a crisis, a Muslim invasion. With the invasion comes all sorts of associated problems….

  1. Financial strain on the welfare system
  2. The duty to educate Muslim children, another financial strain
  3. Inability or unwillingness on the part of refugees to assimilate into Swedish culture
  4. Crime, especially the rape of Swedish women by Muslim men, is epidemic

Sweden has become the rape capital of the world, with sexual assaults against Swedish women by Muslim men at an epidemic level.

In protest of the unchecked Muslim invasion Swedish vigilantes have been burning Muslim refugee centers to the ground across the country. Nine refugee centers have been burned to the ground to get the message across – "NO MORE MUSLIMS!"

Refugee centers in Sweden are being burned to the ground in what appears to be a statement against the significant number of refugees the country has allowed in.  The multiple arsons have all been at facilities which house or are slated to house immigrants.

One could say that someone in Sweden is mad as hell and bringing fire and brimstone to the facilities that are to be used for refugees. Seven arson fires have occurred, all of which seem to be connected with immigrant centers.

 Two more shelters intended for refugees went up in flames in Sweden, continuing a recent series arson of attacks that police believe are directed against arriving asylum seekers amidst the migrant crisis in Europe.
In the latest incident, a children's summer camp in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna, located about 112 kilometers west of the country's capital of Stockholm, was engulfed in flames. The camp was planned to host about 60 asylum seekers.
Around the same time, another fire started in a refugee center in the town of Munkedal in southwestern Sweden, which had already been damaged by fire earlier in another suspected arson attack last week. However, that blaze was tackled quickly and no-one was injured because the area had been cordoned off after the previous incident.

Sweden has taken in more refugees than any other European country in proportion to its population. With 100,000 "asylum seekers" already in the country this year and another 90,000 thought to be arriving before the end of the year, the citizens of Sweden may not be as welcoming as they once were.


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