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{UAH} Differently Abled Models Walked The Ramp In Ethiopia And The Runway Never Looked Better!

Differently Abled Models Walked The Ramp In Ethiopia And The Runway Never Looked Better!

Modelling, like many other arenas of showbiz, is guilty of selling the perfect idea of 'beauty' to millions of people who aspire to make it in the industry one day. Not just that, and this is from personal experience, it also gives impetus to a gamut of insecurities to people who do not abide by its standards. And I can't help but ask, who is the judge of what is beautiful and what is not?

While we, at large, are still discovering the answer to that, there are people who are making it a lot easier for us. Easier to emulate and applaud with just the right kind of reinforcement!

Ethiopia, not long ago, had a very special fashion show and beauty found a new address. Around 28 physically challenged people walked the length of the ramp in a show put together by 15 designers who offered their creations. Here are a few pictures.

1. Beautiful, isn't she?



2. Because we are our imperfections! 



3. Such grace! 



4.Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! 



5. She is my face, TBH!


I know it's not enough.


Gwokto La'Kitgum
"Even a small dog can piss on a tall building" Jim Hightower

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