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Brothers and sisters, welcome back from Jumna prayers. For me l prayed
at Nakasero mosque, and the topic was inheritance.
Earlier, from 10.00 am to 11.00 am, l was on Bukedde TV I WITH
Butamnbala MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi, on a program moderated with
Charles Serugga Matovu.
In principle, we agreed that "Kyapa mu ngalo" should be put on hold
until proper consultations are made.
I cited a plot in Makindye Division which was leased at a premium of
13 million shillings, and the leaseholder has to pay annual ground
rent of 1.3 million for 49 years. An ordinary Kabaka's subject among
the rural and urban poor ca not afford that.
I however disagreed with Muwanga and Serugga when they defended the
present Buganda land Board as constitutional and legal since the
Kabaka was restored in 1993 but not the kingdom, and hence every
thing for the kingdom or Buganda, has to be vested in the Kabaka.
L said that it was true the Kabaka was restored in 1993 and not the
kingdom. But l also said that when districts of Buganda were tagged
and deemed in 1995 constitution, then the kingdom of Buganda was
restored. This was consolidated by the 1998 Land Act which allows
districts deemed in areas of culture and development to have a
regional land board.
This was consolidated further by 2005 constitutional amendment that
restored regional governments and deemed districts of Buganda, Busoga,
Bunyoro, Acholi and Lango, to have agreed to form a regional
government, which would form a Buganda Land board on which district
land boards in Buganda are represented, and which is also represented
on the district land boards. This is the one to be in charge of
Official Mailo including saza and gombolola estates for local
administration purposes and former public land or "akenda."
Tonight from 7.00 to 8.00 pm, if it is the will of God, l shall be on
Dream TV with Bayola Moses, Secretary General of Uganda Journalists
Association (UJA) moderated by Mr. Serubiri. Stay tuned.

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