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{UAH} French presidential election : Macron wins TV debate!

​     Macron    61%                                                                    Le Pen  39%

The debate has just ended after one hour and forty minutes of an intellectual exchange!
An opinion poll just taken after this debate still confirms Macron as the eventual winner of the debate and as the possible winner of this coming Sunday's presidential poll. 
Macron has been noted for his intellectual energy as a brilliant economist and for his natural comportment as a real leader whose cool mind will help him become president next Sunday. 
Macron has won many of the undecided to his side.
Sunday's presidential voting begins very early in the morning and ends at 7 pm. Then at 8 pm
exactly a combination of opinion polls institutions will flash their findings on TV screens and those will formally be the results which the Ministry of Internal Affairs will officially confirm as valid. The opinion poll institutions have never led in error. They are always quasi infallibly correct 100%. The counting of votes is there as an exercice to eventually confirm what the opinion polls have flashed. The results of the counting execice are the ones the Ministry receives to help determine the number of votes allotted to each candidate, the votes a candidate obtains from every French locality, the percentages noted in abstention, etc...
It's totally impossible to cheat in a French election!

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