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{UAH} French presidential election : Obama, Hollande, etc hail Macron as an excellent debater!

                     Macron   61%                                                         Le Pen    39%

Last Wednesday night's debate is continuing to show how candidate Emmanuel Macron is destined to the Elysée Palace as the new President of the Republic of France. Both inside the country and outside voices have been heard praising Macron for the excellent performance during the debate in which he succeeded to show his great statesmanship as a person who can mobilise through intelligence and a cool intelligent approach to problems for which he showed he had a right answer. The very much agitated debate which was watched by hundreds of millions of people all over the world helped the international audience to discover young Emmanuel Macron and his prowess of a real statesman capable of leading a world power like France. He proved he had the skill and ability. Among those who followed the debate were former US President Mr Barack Obama who has expressed full satisfaction over Macron's power of conviction and he wishes him a safe journey to the presidency! French President Mr François Hollande has also shared the same sentiments and has thankfully appreciated Macron for his very wonderful show! Other global leader from places like Germany, Italy, Spain, etc... have also voted Macron as having been by far a much better debater than his rival whop in trying to block his progress toward explaining his programme did but considerable damage to herself when she failed to elaborate in full detail her programme on many things. Now the post-debate poll shows Macron winner  with 61% of the total vote against Le Pen's 39%. Prediction is that Macron will do better in many of Le Pen's strongholds where, as it has been reported a few hours ago, some of Le Pen's supporters are now backing down and a good number of them may even vote for Macron!!!
The campaigns have just closed in order to give way to full poll arrangements/ preparations.
We are all eagerly waiting for the final results !


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