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{UAH} French presidential election : voting is going on very pecefully

French overseas departments as well as French nationals living abroad
ended theri voting yesterday and the result of the counting is being systematically
forwarded to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Paris via the Ministry of foreign Affairs.
Voting there went on very well without any incident except the long waiting in queues..
Metropolitan France is voting today and by mid-day the two candidates had already cast
their vote. Other important French political personalities have also finished their exercice.
By mid-day 28.23% of the total voters had already voted in spite of the rain that has showered on the country since early morning. The results will be known at exactly 8 pm tonight. And both candidates will have something to tell the nation in front of the thousands of media personnel from all over the world. As for President François Hollande, he will be officially quitting the presidential official residence at the Elysée Palace on Sunday 14 May, 2017. And on the following day he will be around to hand over to the new president who will soon announce the name of his Prime Minister and eventually the cabinet will be named and announced to the nation. There are very many journalists and media personnel already assembled at candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign headquarters and the street leading there is fully under control of the security forces. All roads now lead to Paris where great news will be announced at 8 pm, the news that will bring more hope to the world and to Africa!


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