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{UAH} Fwd: Trump's Communications Director resigns

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Subject: Trump's Communications Director resigns

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Trump's Communications Director resigns

Steve Bannon told Trump: 'Go to the mattresses' & bodies falling at
White House just like mafia movie

Jared Kushner is in deep trouble—and his White House enemies are
feeling pretty good about that

It's May 30 and Daily Kos is still $65,085.63 away from our May goal.
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your inbox every day?

Meet Jared Kushner, scumbag slumlord

Jimmy Carter: 'I could have wiped Iran off the map'—setting the record straight

Stephen Colbert presents White House Scandals: the Barack Obama vs.
Donald Trump edition

As Trump rages over Russia probe, big changes may be coming in the White House

Ivanka Trump's fun Memorial Day ideas. Make champagne popsicles to
toast the fallen!

For all those who say there's "no crime or evidence of collusion and
cooperation" with Russia...

Sign if you agree: Suspend Jared Kushner's security clearance

It's not just Trump but the Republican Party that may be totally
corrupted by the Russians

Trump returns from bungled foreign policy trip to more controversy

A dedication: What I learned from my father's pre-death 'funeral'

Salt Lake Tribune editorial: 'ICE crackdown is making all of us less safe'

Black Lives Matter movement to be awarded the 2017 Sydney peace prize

For next Memorial Day, how about getting rid of those Confederate
statues in the nation's Capitol?

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