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{UAH} Government spends Shs470m to treat Mbabazi wife

Government spends Shs470m to treat Mbabazi wife

Get yourself a copy of Saturday Monitor. It's

Get yourself a copy of Saturday Monitor. It's already out.  

Government spends Shs470m to treat Jaqueline Mbabazi, the wife to former Prime Minister, Mr Amama Mbabazi who contested and lost in the February 2016 presidential elections.

Meanwhile, police is in the spotlight again for failing to produce a man they arrested 8 years ago after he allegedly injured his neighbour's pig. He is lost, his family is stranded for 8 years now and police also does not know where he is…………you surely cannot miss this story.

In other news, 1,000 houses on Entebbe road to be razed. The UNRA exercise will start from Kibuye roundabout to Entebbe airport and thereafter it will be rolled out to other roads, including Kampala Metropolitan.

Also in our Full Woman magazine, you cannot afford to miss a brief analysis of the December 2016 ACCA exam results that shows that women took the lead, with eight females taking up the top 10 affiliate positions.
And lastly, the Stage is already set for 6th Monitor Farm Clinic.
For details of these and more stories, please grab yourself a copy of the Saturday Monitor where you'll also find a free sports Magazine (Score). It's already out. You can also access a copy of our e-paper at


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