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{UAH} Govt officials clash over Uganda population


This minister of state, Matia Kasaija, is regurgitating the same nonsense that President Museveni keeps spewing around with regard to Uganda's exploding population.

Kasaija cites a particularly worrisome government program, the ineffective UPE, as the reliable tool to raise an enlightened population that will serve the country, and shows his lack of national planning when he compares Uganda to the UK.

The fact is simple: the government has not prepared the country for the rapidly expanding population. 

Preparing Uganda to handle the mushrooming population should have begun with village-level initiatives that emphasize small family size, educating folks on the ease and benefits of raising 2 or 3 children; educating men on the importance of marrying only one wife, and explaining to the villagers why harvest from their shambas is dwindling with each passing year.

Instead, Museveni keeps asking Ugandans to produce all the children they want, and send them to him for education. This cognitive dissonance is a real danger to the economic and social development of the country.


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