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{UAH} How the first Year of the NRMO 5th term ‘Kisanja Hakuna Michezo’ has turned out to be Mchezo Instead

How the first Year of the NRMO 5th term 'Kisanja Hakuna Michezo' has turned out to be Mchezo Instead

Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo as promised by President Museveni
Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo as promised by President Museveni

Uganda is painted or marred (by) with white – elephant projects that the NRMO government is advocating for over time. The recent social, political and economic events in the last one year of mchezo is a political gourd of confusion yet referring to the same gourd as a 'golden metal' which cannot break.

One of the worst questions which will always fail us as Ugandans is the fact of assessing president Museveni's achievements similar to his failures. Much as we may gross of many issues both macro and micro in terms of economics as well as the nursing of politics and dictatorship in the country against the socially paranoid society is an area which will live politicians, historians, opposition leaders and those in the NRMO political arrangements will be caught stammering! They will all stumble on both good and bad aspects in every policy the NRMO government has tried to implement.

We will all be failed analysts if we embark on exonerating Museveni from the government failures and achievements. Actually these two areas also enclose – in on the opposition leaders who (many of them) have continued to serve in the NRMO and then claim to run away from the same in the name of failed aims, goals and objectives of the political arrangements.

The most annoying case of assessing the NRMO or Museveni comes from those who defend the government in the eyes of the country especially on all-inclusivity of Ugandans and talking history yet assessing the first year of the five year term in office. Mr. Ofwono Opondo (on NBS TV Morning breeze) had the audacity of saying that the NRMO government has been successful on the front of education like on enrollment, health and others! In my opinion, he failed completely to assess the first year in this mchezo kisanja.

Education as,  it has had its share of great problems including the closure of the university, teachers strikes extra; on health, there have been in the last one chaotic operations like the cancer machine questions and many other challenges of no drugs in the hospitals and at the same time burning of the expired ones. That alone, confirms the continued confusion and political deceit in the country that even analysts to that level are willing to confuse everyone.

From the look of things, the social, political and economic situation in Uganda is not that smooth and many indicators of stagnations, contradictions and "mafialistic" operations coupled with bad governance and corruption have played well in the past one year. Besides that, looking at NRMO or Museveni's either domestic or foreign policies is merely wastage of time and energy simply because there is none of that. Kisanja hakuna mchezo like any other terms of the president in office have been mixed with stagnation and confusion that everything in terms of policy is hanging in balance.

The young devils in the country are the preachers of ideology in both government and the opposition. Many of them think that Uganda has started with them thus the need to preach either the NRMO or opposition political ideology. For the NRM per say, it has been over 35 years (add the years they were fighting in the bush) have had a shed of the ten (10) fundamental points to deal with; then 17 points, then 7 points and later on looking at the 2020 middle class income mythical dreams as well as the 2040 agenda all of which have one pointer to failures than achievements. When you add up all that, and then those preaching ideology emerge you just ask who is exactly confusing who and again agree with the truth that, they are also searching for political relevance.

For the opposition politics in the same vein of preaching ideology and dealing with the worsening conditions of confusing political ideology they are all trading the politics of deceit in the sense that they are also searching for political recognition or even a chance to be recruited in the NRMO machine. It's worthy running around the country with Dr. Kiiza Besigye for example in the name of fighting the regime that one appeals to the political notch in their own area of political support.

If you leave at that, you realize that the number of those walking around with Besigye now are very few and indeed those in the search of a political position. In the real sense of politics, that is not preaching ideology but rather the search for political recognition. In the same case, the opposition also operates in the NRMO manner.

Categorizing the performance into the social, political and economic analysis of the first year of kisanja hakuna mchezo you can convincingly get both the successes and failures. The failures are to a bigger extent as we can see them here.

Economically; Uganda's economy has surely stagnated, contracted with ministerial budget cuts and indeed increased economic out-cries amongst the tax payers even though URA has successfully announced an increase in tax collection insofar. The past mchezo year has economically affected the banking sector with one of the biggest banks closed as the 200 billion shillings money injected in Crane Bank in a whooshed manner in the face of poor Ugandans by the central bank (Bank of Uganda)!

By the way, was that money to help run a private bank which was running bankruptcy or rather one way of corruptly distributing money with impunity when everyone was sure that the bank will close? Can such an economy, attract other private banks to open up in the same economy or rather take off to the nearest countries to invest in? The answer is obvious here. No. Besides that, in an economy where foreign investors have to such for the president also leads into questions of the failed institutional development by the same government. On the other hand however, corruption was somewhat exposed as one minister was nabbed red-handed. At least a credit given to the mchezo kisanja!

Politically, the opposition political parties have nearly joined NRMO. This has been seen in the relationship between DP and NRMO. This has become so interesting that the Uganda police has been now summoned by one DP faction over the other. Museveni directly scores there as he announced that there will be almost no more political opposition. FDC frustratingly lost in the EALA elections and that also shows the mighty impunity in the August House.

There were announcements over no money for the Local Council one (LC 1) elections and indeed the reasoning then was that, that money must be channeled to take care of the hunger and starvation problem across the country. Just as everyone was opening his eyes widely that, the state house asked for a supplementary budget! That alone leaves many questions unanswered. With Kasese and the assassinations of the prominent government officials leads to pointers on the security of the country. Those two referred to as sensitive thus we leave them at that. #gagging!

Socially, there has been increased nepotism and tribalism; the land issues have surfaced here both socially and economically as land grabbing has escalated. I have treated it socially simply because many have posted it in the case of one group of the 'Haves' alienating and grabbing land. Talking on president's pledges for example sanitary pads and malwa have many issues. Dr. Stella Nyanzi has just come out of the Luzira coolers thus we also leave it at that. I can only ask on a lighter note; when will the president honor the malwa pledge he made? (Hahaha) What about the insecurity caused by the infamous letters from thieves called 'kilo kitwala omunaku'! This has fueled fear amongst Ugandans too.

In conclusion therefore, the successes of kisanja hakuna mchezo are really embroiled into failures. A lot had been done, like on the continued development of infrastructures (of course mostly on borrowed funds (loans), security in some areas, increased growth of the tourism industry but on the other hand, these are registered failures. This is because the most difficult issue is to assess this one year without seeing the mistakes in the same view.


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