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{UAH} If NRM is not carefull, the entire industry will be wiped out

Amazingly all that we have and building on (65%) was done in 50 years
of British rule or it were their programs.

We Africans are stupidly very complicated people.

Uganda currently is facing the worst economic down turn. YET if there
had not been sustained government corruption this wouldn't have been
the case.

Even then, there are number of macroeconomic stimuli that could be
deployed to spur and save the country from this ever worsening
situation. The government is adamant it is following its dangerous
line of thinking. Bando (Posh) prices have moved from 1200 shs per
kilo to 3000 shs surprisingly, it's trade is now dominated by a group
of people!

Sugar prices have plummeted to 5000 shs 9 times higher than world
prices. Implying Uganda sugar can only be sold in the region but not
anywhere else! The same goes to BIDCO products a company which does
not pay some taxes.

A bar of soap is almost 6000 shs!

Does this make any economic sense when people's earnings are very
small? If NRM is not careful, the entire industry will be wiped out

Hopelessly this government assumes it will train all Ugandans in
vocational skills and there after all will be well. How hopeless? Now
if you train 2000 as plumbers, masonries, brick layers and there is no
construction sector worthy a name, how will they be employed?

NRM will say they will create their own jobs – now that is how narrow
it can go!

I see unprofessional plumbers everywhere living a hand to mouth
lifestyle others surviving on outright stealing of material from where
they work since there is no basic wage: NRM refused a basic wage.

Six billion Uganda shilling handshake with economies of scale would
build more than 270 dwellings with a multiplier of yet more dwellings
and jobs. National Housing Construction Coporation is a Libyan entity
building for the rich Arabs.

can't Uganda use economies of scale.

If Norbert Mao and James Akena and this Lukyamuzi can' this sort of
thoughtlessness – I am sorry this is a dead country.



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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