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{UAH} Imprison or Deport the 3000 on the terrorist watchlist

Imprison or Deport the 3000 on the terrorist watchlist

Our countries Security level is at an all time high of "CRITICAL" And troops are being deployed due to the threat of terrorism. Our security agencies currently have 3000 suspected terrorists under watch & costing taxpayers millions of pounds per year. Our security organisations are overstretched & unable to stop these already "KNOWN" Terrorists who are attacking & killing our people, including children. Put them in confinement or deport them to save lives & ease pressure on our security services. If a new law needs to be made to do this, Then it should be made. If you can make laws to convict people & imprison them for up to 10 years for using a Kodi box, Then the least you can do is change the law for peoples safety.

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