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A former editor of Kabaka's paper Sekanyolya, Omutaka Ndugwa Grace
Semakula Musoke, told us how he became Abdu, puting a Sudanic sheikh
wear, escapd to Mombasa and enjoyed until Obote agents learnt about
him and escaped to Dar Es Salaam and he became a Chagga. When he had
become a Senior Information Officer and covered Mulungushi Club
summit, Obote spotted him and ordered for his arrest and extradiction.
Nyerere refused saying that he does not extradit political refuges
unless they committed crime in tyheir countries of origin. It was very
The Kabaka last night at Theatere Labonita, tyhrough Princess Royal
Agnes Nabaloga, awarded the man for exemplary service, at a ceremony
presided over by the Katikkiro.
The man who resisted Obote as early as 1966, should be awarded the
Independence Medal by the President.

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