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{UAH} Kibwetere land buyer warns government on tresspass.

Kibwetere land buyer warns government on tresspass.

By Patson Baraire .

The man who allegedly bought the now famed land at Nyabugoto in Kanungu Town council where Kibwetere and company burnt over 1000 people has threatened to sue whom ever he finds inspecting the contested land.

Benon Byaruhanga who hails from neighboring Rugyeyo sub county, has issued several announcements on local radio stations that any one found inspecting the land will be regarded as a trespasser and will be taken to court.

Byaruhanga, who claims he acquired the land legally from the family of Caledonia Mwerinde, in particular warned the Police, the RDC and Kanungu Local government.

He has since planted a tea plantation and planted trees on the contested land.

This comes barely two days after the 1st Deputy Prime Minister Hon Moses Ali and Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo visited the contested land this week in Kanungu district to ascertain the true ownership of the land.

Hon Moses Ali who held a meeting with Kanungu District leaders before viewing the land from a distance using binoculars said that government wanted to develop the land and turn it into a tourist attraction.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that he was acting upon a cabinet meeting that resolved that the land be turned into a tourist center like the one in Kigali Rwanda.

He said that about 2000 people who claim to have been off springs of the people who died at the hands of Kibwetere had petitioned government to establish the true owner of the land.

The claimants said that their parents sold their properties and handed over proceeds to Kibwetere and company at Nyabugoto and since they died there, they also claim ownership of the same land.

All the people who were burnt by Kibwetere in 2000 were buried in a mass grave at Nyabugoto.

However Byaruhanga has categorically made it clear that he will not let go of the land since he owns it legally and has got all documents pertaining to ownership.

Efforts to speak to Kanungu District leaders over the matter were futile as nobody was willing to speak about this issue on record.

However the Deputy CAO Elias Bangumya Ntarwete said that they will follow a ministerial directive to find the true owner of the contested land.

Before he left Kanungu Hon Moses Ali directed the RDC and the District Police Commander to hunt for Byaruhanga who failed to attend the meeting to explain how he acquired the land.

Photo: Kanungu District Police Commander Joab Wabwire points to the contested land from a distance as he shows 1st Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali its location at Nyabugoto in Kanungu District.

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