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I don't see any problem with Museveni or his wife's directive to public schools to encourage pupils to read Museveni's book: SOWING THE MUSTARD SEED. I think Mrs.Museveni feels that her husband has done so much for the country and wants his name in the brains of our little ones. Oh, she's so sweet and she's being wifely,isn't she? But that's beside the point, I think let the book roll into schools, afterall, its gonna be a donation to schools, right?

I personally read the book and took me just three days to finish it yet I was only reading it at night. Yes, it has got a lot of Oboteism, but what the hell, other people that worked with Museveni will write books that will counter almost every lie in Museveni's book.Yes, there's stuff there that dont make sense!

By the way, Museveni isn't the only one who has tried to manipulate history through a book.Historian" David Irving manipulated historical evidence to fit his contentions, among others, that Hitler was "in the dark" about the extermination of Jews and others in Nazi Germany and that there was no systematic effort, indeed no gas chambers, to accomplish those purposes. UAH veteran, Henry Ford Mirima, has tried to rewrite the historical facts between Buganda and Bunyoro kingdom several times. Its up to the reader to cross check with other writers to get the truth. That's why its important that Besigye too releases the mother of books, now that he is in his 60s, that will outsell Museveni's.


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